Viktor Miloslavsky - Finalist @ Photoshoot Awards NUDE 2017. EMOTIONS Category. Honorable Mention (Merit) in CONCEPTUAL STUDIO and DANCE/MOVEMENT Categories


Art Photography

“I really believe there are things nobody would see if I didn’t photograph them.”

— Diane Arbus

Viktor Miloslavsky

Viktor Miloslavsky

Viktor Miloslavsky is an award-winning photographer based in the greater New York City area, with experience working and shooting in the Midwest, on the east coast, and overseas. He is a professional photographer by trade and art photographer by heart. He displays an impressive array of variance in his editorial and commercial works, but also breathes life into inanimate concepts and ideas through his creative art photography. As an art photographer, Viktor takes pictures of popular subjects, but adds his own artistic twist. This allows for each and every single one of his images to bear a unique signature touch. His expertise in Photoshop composites and photo manipulation has allowed him to create imaginative visuals that capture the artistic essences of his many subjects, may they be people or places, for over twenty years. Both Viktor’s commercial photography and art photography works display his unique and intriguing style; his skills and abilities speak for themselves and allow for Viktor to distinguish himself with ease and confidence.